EL Wire 6-meter segment
6-meter (20-foot) Quick Connect EL Wire Segment

Quick-Connect EL Wire (6m)

  • Glow Length – 6 meters (~19 feet 6 inches)
  • Width – 2.2mm
  • Features a connector on each end so you can string together multiple colors of EL wire using just one power source
  • Emits light 360 degrees down entire length of wire
  • Steady on and slow flash modes
  • Cold to the touch
  • Durable
  • Non-toxic
  • Resistant to water and ice
  • Needs an AA or AA+ inverter

Do you need various lengths of EL Wire without having to buy an entire kit (battery plus inverter)? Easy! Our new Quick-Connect 6-meter (19.5 feet) strand of EL Wire features a connector on either end. That means you can make longer strands or put together fun color combinations.

Do you currently have one of our inverters? Great, this wire fits all existing units. Need an inverter? No problem. Buy one of the three options below (INVAA, INV9V, INVPLUG) to add your inverter to your wire purchase. You are purchasing wire ONLY, you must possess or purchase a power source (inverter or adaptor) for this wire to work as shown.

Available in 9 colors.

* Requires inverter. (INV9V, INVAA, INVPLUG, or one you provide)
* Works with EL Wire inverters Extreme Glow has sold in the past.
* Works with our 1 to 3 connector. (CONN123) - Optional.

Check out our wire splitter and run up to 3 different wire strands in various directions.