Extreme Glow offers a wide variety of 22-inch, 6mm diameter chemical glow necklaces

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You can't beat premium glow necklaces for fun. Break and shake our chemical glow in the dark necklaces for hours of nighttime fun. Kids and adults alike love the bright glow from these novelty glow necklaces. Extreme Glow ships only high quality premium glow necklaces. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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50 Tri-color Glow Necklaces tri-color glow necklaces, tri-color chemical glow necklaces, tri-color glow necklaces, tri-color glow necklaces, tri-color wholesale glow necklaces
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You get 50 tri-color glow necklaces with this product. Each necklace is 22 inches long and 6mm in diameter. There are 3 colors on each necklace. Choices are Red/White/Blue or Red/Green/Blue.

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    Solid Color Glow Necklaces - Pack of 50 solid color glow necklaces, vending, birthday party, wedding, pta, school fundraiser, glow necklaces, chemical glow necklaces, solid color glow necklaces, one-color glow necklaces, wholesale glow necklaces
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    Solid Color Glow Necklaces - 50 necklaces per tube. Molded clasps are attached to the necklaces. Necklaces are 22-inches long & 6mm in diameter (~0.25 inches). One color per tube; Seven color choices.

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      Notes about our necklaces

      • Glow Necklaces are sold in tubes of 50 necklaces. Prices are per tube.
      • Our connectors are already on the necklaces.
      • All necklaces are 6mm (~0.25 inches) in diameter and are 22 inches long.
      • Shelf life on our necklaces is ~18 months.