Extreme Glow brand 5-minute high-intensity glow sticks

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You found our brightest glow sticks. Produced to use in the place of flares our 5 minute ultra Revolution brand sticks are very intense. Each stick measures 6 inches in length and comes in packs of 10. Each stick features a molded hook and hole.

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When you need bright glow for 5 minutes, the Revolution 6-inch High-Intensity glow stick will fit the bill. Sold in 10-Packs. Available in red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, aqua, and white.

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    Notes about our 6" Revolution High Intensity Sticks

    • Standard 6" Revolution sticks are sold in packages of 10. Prices are per pack.
    • All Revolution sticks feature a sturdy hook and hole attachment.
    • All sticks feature 15mm bases (standard) and a secure plug.
    • Shelf life on our high intensity glow sticks is 18 months.
    • Revolution glow sticks will last for a minimum of 5 minutes. Maximum glow time is ~ 20 min