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Welcome to Extreme Glow's Wholesale Price Club & Huge Savings

The Extreme Glow Wholesale Price Club is a subscription service that allows customers access to great flat-rate pricing regardless of the volume that is purchased.  That means immediate discounts on every item no matter how many your order!

Registration is easy and can be done online or over the phone.  When you are ready to get started, click the product link below or give us a call at 1-888-748-4755.

Initiation Fee

One low subscription fee of $49.95 is required before access to the wholesale prices is granted.  Simply create as account if you don't have one already and purchase the subscription by clicking on the Sign Up banner below.  Once your payment has been processed and approved every online price in your account will drop to the low wholesale rate that is published on each page. Wholesale membership promotions cannot be combined with other Extreme Glow promotions such as Free Shipping or any Coupon Codes.

Subscription Term

Subscription terms are based on quarters. With a paid subscription wholesale prices are only available for the current quarter. At the end of each quarter you will be given the option to renew or discontinue your subscription. Members are under NO obligation to renew. The renewal fee is just $29.95 for the next quarter, and a renewal will give you 3 more months of access to the best prices that we offer. If you discontinue your membership, you may rejoin at any time, but you will be charged the initiation fee rather than the renewal fee for reinstatement. Customers that make occasional large purchases may find it more beneficial to renew their account as needed.

Quarter Time Table

Q1 - First Quarter - January 1 through March 31

Q2 - Second Quarter - April 1 through May 31

Q3 - Third Quarter - July 1 through September 30

Q4 - Fourth Quarter - October 1 through December 31

Shipping Fees & Other Promotions

Wholesale Membership Customers may not combine any other Extreme Glow promotions, including free shipping options and coupon codes. 

Compare Prices

Our Wholesale Price Club prices are published on each page, but you will not have access to purchase at those prices until you are officially registered as a club member.  If you are only making one small order, it will not be worthwhile to join the Wholesale Price Club.  However, if you are making a large order, or if you are going to make a lot of small orders, it will probably be worthwhile to sign up as a member.

If you are confused about the comparison pricing, just give us a call, and one of our sales reps will be more than happy to step you through the comparison process.  Becoming a Wholesale Price Club member is not for everyone, but we are sure that many vendors, business, and schools will be able to use this program to save money.

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