LED Products for Night Golf and Frisbee Golf

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Flat LED Lights for Night Golf
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Disc Golf LED Lights
Our FLIGHT LED lights are perfect for night disc golf! The are small and lightweight and easy to attach to your favorite disc. Available in red, green, blue, white, 7-color, or mood lighting.

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    10 LEDs on Copper Wire Strand disc golf, disc, flyer, night golf, basket, String Light with Timer, Copper wire string light, dew drop LEDs, Silver Wire string lights, gold wire string lights
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    We merged our Flight battery pack technology with our Copper Wire technology to create a useful 36" string light that is very lightweight. Good for 48 hours in steady-on mode or 60 hours in flashing mode.

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      Notes about our flashing led night disc golf accessories 
      • Flat Accent LEDs use bright battery-operated lights 
      • Batteries included for all products in this category
      • Flat Lights can be seen for over 0.5 miles.
      • Batteries on our glow golf lights are not replaceable. Most disc golf lights last 12+ hours.
      • All Flat Accent Lights are sold in pairs.