Extreme Glow and Cyalume brand military-grade glow sticks and light sticks.

We sell high quality safety glow sticks that last up to 12 hours. Cyalume Light Sticks and Extreme Glow Safety Glow Sticks. Glow sticks are a perfect solution for safety kits for power outages due to severe weather. Long shelf life and molded hooks and holes for durable attachments.


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Our own brand of 6-inch Safety 8-hr, 12-hr, and 30-min glowsticks. This is a high-quality stick at a fair price. 12-hr available in red, yellow, orange, and green. 8-hr available in blue & white. 30-min available in yellow.

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    Notes about our Cyalume Light Sticks

    • Cyalume Military Grade Light Sticks are sold individually. Bulk price available.
    • Glow Sticks are individually foil wrapped.
    • All Cyalume chemlight sticks measure 6 inches in length.
    • Diameter on all lightsicks is 15mm at the base.
    • Shelf life is up to 5 years.