Wholesale Customer Membership Subscription Service

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Wholesale Membership Fee

Extreme Glow offers our best pricing to our wholesale customers.
Wholesale customers pay a membership fee every quarter (3 months).
When your membership is approved, Extreme Glow changes your customer
type to "Wholesale", and you will have online access to our lowest pricing tier
when you log into your account. Wholesale membership promotions cannot be combined with other Extreme Glow promotions such as Free Shipping or any Coupon Codes.

Subscription terms are based on quarters.
With a paid subscription wholesale prices are available for the balance
of the current quarter and all of the next quarter.
After your initial period and at the end of each quarter after the initial
period you will be given the option to renew or discontinue your subscription.
Members are under NO obligation to renew.
The renewal fee is just $29.95 for the next quarter, and a renewal will give you
3 more months of access to the best prices that we offer.
If you discontinue your membership, you may rejoin at any time, but you will be
charged the initiation fee rather than the renewal fee for reinstatement.
Customers that make occasional large purchases may find it more beneficial
to renew their account as needed.

Purchasing this product is the first step to become an Extreme Glow
wholesale customer. Your request will need to be approved by a member
of the Extreme Glow Sales team. The wholesale prices will not show up on
your cart until this approval process is completed. This can take up to 24 hours
but during our business hours it will be almost immediate. Please note:

Our Free Shipping offer does not extend to Wholesale Members. Please choose a shipping option other then the Free Shipping when checking out. Any Wholesale Membership orders submitted without shipping will be held until an available shipping option is chosen and paid.

Membership fees are due 4 times per year. Renewal is $29.95 per 3 month interval.
Renewal is NOT automatic. You must approve the renewal.
We will not keep you in the program unless you specifically ask us to renew your membership.

Quarter Periods for Extreme Glow:

  • January 1 until March 31
  • April 1 until June 30
  • July 1 until September 30
  • October 1 until December 31