2-Pack of Flat Accent Lights
Flat LED Lights for Night Golf
  • Flat LED Lights for Night Golf
  • Flat Lights 2-Pack - FLIGHT
  • Flat Lights 2-Pack - FLIGHT

Flat Lights 2-Pack

2 FLIGHTs per paper envelop pack; Prices are per pack

  • Width – 0.75 inch; Length – 1.75 inch; Height – 0.0625 inch
  • Perfect for lighting up your disc for nighttime disc golf!
  • Solid color: 4 modes (steady on, fast flash, medium flash, and off)
  • Run time 12+ hours
  • FLIGHT7: 7-modes of operation, 3 LEDs
  • FLIGHTMOOD: 1 mode, 3 LEDs (mood: colors scroll slowly)
  • Run time 12+ hours
  • 1 CR1620 (not replaceable)
  • Battery included
  • Inhibitor included – won’t activate during shipping

The FLIGHT (flat light) is our ultra-thin LED accent light that can be used in hundreds of ways for creative people in need of wafer-thin LED lights. Here are just a few examples:

1) Frisbee Night Golf - These lightweight lights are great for Frisbees. They are easy to attach, and the light weight of the pieces is not going to affect the flight characteristics of your flying disc.

2) Accent Lights - These lights will go practically anywhere to provide attractive points of light in a room.

3) Crystal Lights - Looking for a good way to light up crystal figurines? These thins lights slide easily beneath practically any piece, and the effect is amazing.

4) Costume Decoration - Attach these lightweight pieces to a costume or hat to make a lighting effect that will blow people's minds.

5) Hand Lights - Put a FLIGHT into each finger of a transparent or translucent glove and turn your hands into a light show. OR simply tape these lights to your fingers and create the same effect without using gloves!