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Glow Necklaces
Glow Bracelets
Glow Sticks
High-Intensity glow sticks
Safety/Military/Cyalume glow sticks

Glow Necklaces
  • Connectors are attached to necklaces
  • 22-inches long
  • 6mm (0.25") in diameter
  • Tubes of 50
  • Solid color glow necklaces, Assorted glow necklaces, Tri-color glow necklaces, 5-color rainbow glow necklaces
Glow Bracelets
  • Connectors are not attached to the glow bracelets
  • 8-inches long
  • 6mm (0.25") in diameter
  • Tubes of 50
  • Solid color glow bracelets, Assorted glow bracelets
Glow Sticks
  • Novelty-grade glow sticks, Industrial-grade glow sticks, Military-grade glow sticks, High-intensity glow sticks
  • 1.5-inch glow sticks, 4-inch glow sticks, 6-inch glow sticks, 12-inch glowsticks
  • Wrapped glow sticks, Unwrapped glow sticks
  • Solid color packs, Assorted color packs

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