Plug-in and Battery-operated Power Packs

Extreme Glow lights come with two types of connectors: 2-Pin Connectors and DC5521 Connectors. If you are trying to connect a power source to existing wires, please check the connector first so that we send you the correct power unit. If you are uncertain, please contact us by phone or email.

Here are the options available for you.

1) AA Pack - DC5521 only

2) Waterproof D Pack - DC5521 only

3) USB Input - 2-Pin or DC5521

4) USB + Wall Plug - 2-Pin or DC5521

5) Solar Pack - 2-Pin or DC5521

6) Power Bank - 2-Pin or DC5521

7) Waterproof AA Pack - 2-Pin only

8) C Pack - 2-Pin only

Wholesale Price Club Member Pricing
AA Pack - $2.50 each
Waterproof AA Pack - $3.25 each
Waterproof D Pack - $5.85 each
USB Input - $2.50 each
USB + Wall Plug - $5.00 each
Solar Pack - $6.75 each
Power Bank - $13.50 each

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Price: $3.00

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    AA Pack (DC) - $3
    Waterproof D Pack (DC) - $7
    USB only (DC) - $3
    USB + Wall Plug (DC) $6
    Solar Pack (DC) - $8
    Power Bank (DC) - $16
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