Light up Products that you can wear.

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Light Ups - Wearable LED products
Lighted Mitts and Glow Gloves
LED Light Up Necklaces
LED Light Up Sunglasses
LED Light Up Bracelets
Glow Costumes / Rave Gear
LED Head & Hair products
LED Light Up Rings
Flashing LED Body Lights

Light Up Gloves - Black Light Up Gloves, White Light Up Gloves, Battery-Operated Gloves, Glow-in-the-Dark Gloves

LED Necklaces - Chaser LED Necklaces, Flashing Pendant Necklaces, Soft Plastic Light Up Necklaces, Tunnel Necklaces

LED Sunglasses - Light Up Shutter Shades, Wrap-Around Light Up Sunglasses, Malibu-style Sunglasses, Spiral Sunglasses

LED Bracelets - Light Up Click Bracelets, Light Up Spike Bracelets, Feather Bracelets, Light Up Acrylic Bracelets

Light Up Costume Accessories - Light Up Fedoras, Light Up Hats, Glow Gloves, Light Up Fluffies, Glow Shoelaces

LED Headgear - Light Up Mohawks, Light Up Hats, Flashing Tiaras, Light Up Head Boppers, Flashing Hairclips, LED Mouthpieces

LED Rings - Soft Plastic Flashing Rings, Light Up Finger Lights, Light Up Pacifier Rings

Flashing Body Lights - Pin-on Body Lights, Magnetic Body Lights, Shaped Body Lights, Button Body Lights, Custom Body Lights