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Light Up Silver Skull Mask (FLASH SALE - Ends 5/31) Light up mask, lighted mask, LED mask, skull mask, rave, festival, edm, edc, electronic dance, halloween, vending, vendor, mardi gras
Price: $2.99 or Less.
Light Up Silver Skull Mask. This product is the silver skull portion of our famous 2-piece light up Mask.

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Availability: In Stock
Item #: MASKSILVER (FLASH SALE - Ends 5/31) -

Staff 2-in-1 Sword (FLASH SALE - Ends 5/31) LED Sword, Light Up Sword, Flashing Sword, Lighted Wand, Light Up Wand, star, wars
Price: $5.00 or Less.
The double-ended light up Staff Sword is actually 2 Light Up Sabers in one package. Attach them end-to-end to make a staff, or use the piece as 2 swords.

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Availability: In Stock
Item #: STAFF (FLASH SALE - Ends 5/31) -

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